January 25, 2016 patrick wey is currently investigating numerous devices and technologies, more precisely bio-technologies based on the late Viktor Schauberger’s work pertaining to the motion of energy. We at Waternature recognize the need for the implementation of Viktor Schauberger’s work, for little or no conventional scientific investigation of his revolutionary devices seems to have been documented. It is our aim to develop and build a multitude of products that eventually will replace current explosive-based technologies with implosive-based bio-technologies. We believe this transition is essential for the sustainability of the earth as we know it, and of all the life that dwells on this...

The Egg Shape is a natural vortex generator.

December 19, 2015 patrick wey

“Spirals are a basic form of motion in Nature, but Schauberger’s recognition of the vortex as the principle creative movement system in the Universe is at the core of his Eco-technology and the key to his valuable implosion research. From the tornado to plant growth, it is nature’s mechanism for transforming energy from one level to another.” (p.33 Hidden Nature)

Understanding Water

November 09, 2015 patrick wey

"The true foundation of all culture is the knowledge and understanding of water." Viktor Schauberger