January 25, 2016 patrick wey is currently investigating numerous devices and technologies, more precisely bio-technologies based on the late Viktor Schauberger’s work pertaining to the motion of energy. We at Waternature recognize the need for the implementation of Viktor Schauberger’s work, for little or no conventional scientific investigation of his revolutionary devices seems to have been documented. It is our aim to develop and build a multitude of products that eventually will replace current explosive-based technologies with implosive-based bio-technologies. We believe this transition is essential for the sustainability of the earth as we know it, and of all the life that dwells on this planet we call home. Currently we are in the process of designing and constructing several prototypes that utilize nature’s implosive spiral curve motion.

The typical heat, friction, and noise-producing machines that surround us in our everyday lives can and must be developed to work with nature, and to help enhance and build up life giving functions instead of promoting decay. Waternature is continually investigating and constructing various types of products and devices that offer real alternatives to current forms of technology to help bring about a much needed change for the sustainability of this planet. The understanding of a few basic shapes that nature commonly utilizes for storage and condensing actions can revolutionize how we move air or water, to promote life giving functions as well as for the production of energy.