Terra Cotta Water Egg Vessel

Terra Cotta i Water Egg Vessel

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Terra-Cotta breathes and has been used for centuries to keep liquids cool. The egg-shape allows for maximum natural constant-movement of energy/water.

The egg-shape is a natural vortex-generator which therefore cools and energizes water.


Wise Nature requires a means of storage to maintain and preserve the basic fundamental information of life. Storage of genetic and vibrational information must be maintained throughout the various seasons of the year to ensure the return of the species time and time again.

One close look at any egg, seed, or natural holding vessel found in nature, we discover a shape that holds and maintains an unequal balance. The opposing ends of the egg show both a pointed and a round end, these opposites work harmoniously allowing energy to flow in perpetual motion within the egg.

"Comprehend and Copy Nature" was Viktor Schauberger?'s maxim. Nature has selected the egg-shape for the storage and preservation of life and vital fluids, not only for animal reproduction, but egg shapes such as grains and seeds. The egg shape generates a soft etheric energy which it imparts to its contents.

Movement is an expression of energy and energy is an expression of life. The internal circulation produced by the evaporation-induced differences in inner temperature constantly sweeps the internal surfaces, so that no stagnant zones exist suited to the propagation of pathogenic bacteria.

The evaporation causes a cooling of the outer walls and the adjacent water. This cooler and denser water is heavier and sinks toward the bottom, at the same time displacing the water in the bottom and forcing it to rise up the centre and move towards the outside of the vessel. This process causes a constant circulation and cooling of the contents.

Besides its shape, the material used in the construction of the egg is equally important. It has been determined that clay terracotta is the best material for water storage. Clay allows water to breathe and evaporate.

This slight evaporation cools the water which then sinks down the walls of the egg and as it sinks, it forces water to rise up through the center and move out towards the walls. This process produces constant circulation and cooling, thus vitalizing the water, keeping it remarkably fresh and also discourages the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

The shape of the WaterEgg is derived precisely and mathematically from an inclined section through the Schauberger hyperbolic cone. This beautiful egg will not only maintain the vitality of the contained water, but the finely-tuned porosity and resultant evaporation over the whole of the outer surface assists in cooling and maintaining its coolness.

Canadian made and will store approximately 8 litres. The iwateregg is slightly glazed to provide a semi-porous vessel suitable for the storage of wine, juice, milk, oil and other precious liquids.


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